Solved! Keyboard keys not working


Dec 14, 2017
before I ask I want to tell that I searched on google and many forums for nearly whole day without success so now I want to ask here.

I have HP Probook 640 G1 with Windows 7 x64. The problem is that sometimes when the laptop boots up, keys on keyboard ( c t "enter" "delete" ) not working but after few restarts one or two buttons starts to work. It's always random and sometimes it work all togeather.

I updated all drivers on laptop. Also updated BIOS to newest version. Changed the whole keyboard. Interesting thing was when I change keyboard on laptop the same buttons wasn't working. It looks like software error. I removed battery for a night and reset BIOS to default.

Is there even a solution for this what i can do by myself ?
Otherwise I have to send it to our local repair service.

Thank you :)

May 8, 2018
Hello, Have you checked the Keyboard layout? it could be that it is set for a different country which would explain why some of the buttons do not work. Select start menu > control panal >Change keyboards or other input methods > change keyboards > add new keyboard > choose the United States or preferred layout> press ok > Apply the changes.