Solved! Keyboard mouse unresponsive


Oct 27, 2017

I have a MacBook 13" 2015 that started acting up lately. When I started my MacBook the mouse and keyboard wouldn't respond. I just brought my MacBook to an authorized apple dealer and they said my main logic board isn't working and that it will cost around 500 dollars to fix it. I'm wondering is it worth it or should I maybe buy an external keyboard plus mouse? Please help me out!


Sadly, that is a pretty standard answer I've found with Apple techs, replace the logic board.
If you hook up an external USB and mouse and the MacBook works fine then it might be something with the keyboard and trackpad, which can both be replaced.
However, it is hard to diagnose for sure since you can replace both of those and still have the issue, which means it is logic board.
I usually hook up the replacement keyboard to the logic board and then test before tearing the whole laptop apart but that isn't an option for most people.
So yeah, I say get an external keyboard and mouse and if it works then use it with those for now.

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