Laptop 1060 or 1070 in Japan


Oct 12, 2014
So I am currently in Japan and I do plan on staying here for like 5 years with computer being F-ing expensive as hell here. So the price difference between a 1060 and 1070 is about $300 so I am wondering if the 1070 is worth the money.

Currently I am using a 830m card and I've never experienced 60fps gameplay unless its like warband or strategy games which I play mostly. Have to go with laptop due to how my internet is setup here. I plan on using just 1080p but I might want to add a second monitor later. Constant 60fps gameplay is semi not important for me since I don't play that many first person shooters and I don't mind dialing back a the settings a little. As long as I can play on high I should be fine. Though I do play Elite and Warhammer.

Thank you guys for your replies.
If you are going from an 830m, a 1060 is a huge upgrade. If you can play your games on the old laptop, they will run amazingly compared to that on a 1060.