Laptop : 30 FPS cap when NOT plugged in? (+disabled Nvidia's BatteryBooster)

Apr 26, 2018
Hey, so recently i bought a new laptop, the HP Omen 17-an005nf - Here are the specs :
- Intel Core i7 7700HQ
- Nvidia GTX 1070 / 1920x1080 120Hz display
- 8GB DDR4 ram (buying 1x8 more soon to get 16)
- 1TB HDD + 128GB SSD

So when i play any game, even non intensive games - such as a wii emulator (dolphin) which i think isn't much demanding in terms of ressources since my fans don't go nuts when i play it + low cpu & gpu temps on both battery and sector - , i kee having a 30 FPS lock cap for no reason. I've disabled Nvidia's Battery Booster, ajusted the control panel's options to get higher performances, and added Dolphin for instance here to Highest performances on battery in the Windows 10 preferences app.

After all of that, and enabing best performances in the battery menu (here, the game goes to 60 fps for like a minute or so then re-goes to 30 fps. i'm j ust taking Mario Kart from Dolphin's emulator as an example because it doesn't take any ressources from my specs, and even on 680p and no advanced options enabled in dolphin it keeps going to 30 fps so it doesn't have anything to do with performances.

Does anyone know how i could stop this from happening?



I've only ever seen it "hands on" in passing, so not 100% sure.

It's available for all Nvidia laptops (from an 850M to present).

It does appear you can configure the tagr

Sorry, I misread that as "best performance" for the battery :lol: not best performance overall. You're right - that should result in performance gains vs "saver" features.



Rather than disabling "battery boost", there's an option to increase the FPS cap while on battery - typically, battery power isn't sufficient to boost your GPU to max clocks etc, so there will be some reduction vs plugged in - but you shoudl be able to achive >30FPS!

Avoid "best performance" in the battery menu, as that'll restrict you too.

FWIW, for Dolphin specifically.... I believe a lot of titles there are hardlocked to 30FPS
Apr 26, 2018

Thanks for the answer!

First, i didn't find anything to inscrese and unlock the fps above 30 as you said at the beginning, and since you didn't mention anything to do, do you know yourself if that's possible on every laptop (may depend on the brand) ?

And if i you tell me to avoid choosing best performances from the battery menu, what do i choose then? Because it personally makes my pc faster in day to day tasks when it's on best performances in this menu, while the battery saver mode really helps me. I know this isn't the problem that will resolve the 30 fps cap, but i've tried everything i could, searched on many different forums and couldn't find anything that helped me fixing that :/
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