Laptop appears to be going to sleep randomly


Mar 10, 2013
Today my nephew came to me with his laptop saying the screen was shutting off randomly after a bit of using the computer.

I looked at it, and appeared to be putting itself to sleep after a few minutes of use. I wasn't actively using the laptop so I thought it was simple him watching longer videos on something, and the computer going to sleep due to perceived inactivity. Especially since when turning it on it appears to be coming out of sleep. As opposed to being turned on. So I set the computer to never sleep. Still it would have this issue. After a while of searching and trying various methods to prevent sleep nothing worked.

So I asked him if he had anything he had wanted on the computer. The only thing was a character for a game. It was easy enough to save that with the way that specific game saved. After saving what he wanted I decided to see if it would go to sleep in safe mode, when in the Bios, when on the boot menu, etc. It stayed on. So I assumed there was something wrong with the OS and reinstalled it. Stayed on the entire time of the installation. It appeared to fix the issue, but after a few minutes setting up his desktop and installing the proper drivers it started to happen again, and at a more rapid rate.

Now I'm at a loss of what to do. It didn't appear any hardware was failing, and I'm unsure of what steps to take now in an attempt to get it working again.
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