Laptop Around $800 For AutoCAD & Business Work


Apr 2, 2014

I'm from India and I have converted price to USD (1USD = Rs. 61 Indian Currency). So, i.e. around Rs. 50000.

I am not a gaming person but I might use it for gaming, not the heavy games. I have been using Acer Aspire 5745G from last 4-5 years and I have been in LOVE with it. It is just amazing and still running perfectly beside the battery getting dead.

I found following two laptop after a heavy research:

But I doubt about the fan for Dell Inspiron 5547 if it is situated below then it might create over heating problem as at my place in summer temperature gets more than 45 °C.

Which one I should go for, as I haven't find any good user reviews on net. And if possible what are other options that I can go for beside these?

I don't know why but just I don't like ASUS, Toshiba, Samsung Brand for laptops. I prefer, Acer, Dell and some cases HP brands. But open for all! ;-)