Laptop Battery drastically drained


Nov 13, 2017
I have a Dell xps 12 9250 laptop and in which recently I'm facing some issues with the battery. When the battery drains to 50% the system automatically shuts down and when I read logging it throws me error that the battery % is critically low like 2 to % left out. Before jumping into conclusion to replace battery i thought of formatting it and I did it as well but the problem still exists.

My next move is to check with some experts and I'm here now. I hope this is one of the best place where no tech or semi tech people can get their questions answered.


Jan 3, 2013

If something went wrong in the windows 10 then it must have sorted out when you have Reinstalled the windows


Nov 13, 2017
Thanks for your support.
No, the machine is not under warranty. I could replace the battery but when I Google it I got several post that where demonstrated how to fix the battery issue in Windows 10 so I thought it might happen due due to some wrong configuration. So I thought of getting some help to conclude.

Thanks again.
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