Laptop battery not recharging, and laptop not running on direct plug in. Please help.


Jul 2, 2014
So I have an Asus G55VW gaming laptop, and I’ve had it for nearly 2 years. I’ve never had any problems with it until now. The battery won’t recharge. When it’s plugged in, the adapter light is on, the laptop “charging” light is on (orange when charging, green when fully charged). The battery icon in the bottom right tray shows the battery recharging symbol saying “Plugged in, charging”. But the battery percentage drops. From 55%, to 54, to 53 etc. So I shut it down, to avoid draining the battery completely, in case it wouldn’t boot later on. And I tried running the laptop on direct power, without the battery. I removed the battery, plugged in the laptop and started it. It worked fine for around 5 minutes, then just switched off. I tried it again, it started up for like 3 minutes then switched off again. Both times, it booted fully, to the desktop (ergo not a software/OS issue).

I understand the battery has been constantly charged for nearly 2 years, and needs to be changed. But there’s no reason why the laptop shouldn’t run on direct power. Any insights, anyone?

Specs for the laptop are below, if it helps. And no, there have been no power surges or anything like that. And the laptop adaptor and charging cables are perfectly fine.
Asus G55VW
15.6 inch screen. 1920x1080 res
Core i7 3610QM processor
2GB NVIDIA GTX 660M Graphics card, running at DDR5
500GB HDD at 7200RPM.
Windows 7 OS

If you guys need anymore details, just let me know. Thanks :)


May 12, 2014
battery seems to have small wear and tear. i would try recalibrating your battery by draining down to 0 (however theres a risk involved as you said so its up to you). pretty much what you want to do is put the laptop in sleep mode at like 5ish %. In sleep mode the battery will continue discharging slighlty until its 0% which might take 24hrs or so.



Jul 6, 2014
I had a old Toshiba Gaming Laptop that had similar symptoms (because I had it for a few years and never cleaned it out really good) when it was on direct power it would suddenly shut down, after opening the case I discovered the CPU and GPU cooling fins were clogged up with dust and grime and so was the fan, could this be causing the system to shut down shortly after booting?
Well... once I cleaned it out with a artist brush and vaccumed out all the dust I put it back together and it worked as as normal and did'nt shut down anymore...
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