Laptop Battery Sometimes Charging


Aug 16, 2016
Recently, my laptop's battery has stopped charging. At first I thought it was just the previous charger went bad, because I couldn't power laptop without battery. So I bought a newer AC adapter off of Amazon, which had a little more amps, but otherwise was the same specs as the previous charger.

After buying the new adapter and letting it charge a while the battery was about half full and when I moved rooms and plugged back in the battery wasn't charging anymore. After looking online I tried uninstalling the drivers listed under Batteries in Device Manager, so ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery + AC Adapter, and restarted computer and it started charging.

It seems whenever I unplug my laptop (doesn't matter if I keep plugged into laptop and unplug and plug back into outlet or not) and sometimes close lid, it stops charging while on and I have to do the driver method above or turn off laptop and move. Any suggestions?