Laptop boots then shuts down after 5 seconds


Dec 22, 2011
Hi guys,

Got a laptop of a friend (Sony Vaio VPCCW2Z1E) in full working condition, only the screen was cracked. Laptop booted to windows happily, could here the Windows chime sound. Then all of a sudden the laptop would not boot, well it did but only got to the starting windows bit and then switches off. I can get into the BIOS but only for a few seconds before it shuts down again.

I have checked the RAM, HDD, CPU and all work in another laptop. Replaced Thermal paste and reseated CPU but no change. Tried booting with no HDD, DVD, Wireless and only one stick of RAM and still no change. I even tried the old screen back in but no difference. I have tried booting without the battery as well but still no change.

People keep telling me its because the laptop is overheating and shutting down but it does not get hot and the CPU/GPU heatsink fans are in good contact and clean, so don''t think that's the issue.

Its strange as the laptop was working fine a couple days ago and then all of a sudden, it stops. The power jack port is a bit dodgy and only works when you have the charger in and pull it at an angle, it will work fine. I can tell its working as the battery lights comes on but for the life of me, I cannot get it to stay on longer than 5 seconds.

Any ideas guys or anything else I can try to resolve it or identify the problem?


Nov 17, 2009
actually, I would suggest taking your battery out and the charger out. Wait about 5 seconds. Sometimes the grounding pin on the charger can lose contact, shorting the system. By taking all power sources out excluding the cmos battery, it will allow the system to recover from the short.