Laptop buying - help needed


Jun 1, 2016
I'm looking at casual gaming laptops to buy and found one on amazon - the Acer v3-585g. It has an i5 6200 cpu, 8gb ram, 1tb of hdd, 8gb of ssd and a geforce GTX 940m gpu. I can't find any other website that sells this model, so I'm wary about buying it incase it is not what it says it is.
Is this a genuine model and if so, is it worth buying for casual gaming??
If its' on Amazon it's very likely what it states it is.

There are plenty of times when model numbers get changed or even created for specific sites and areas it's sold in.
With a 940m it can play new games on low settings, with some running at lower FPS. If you are looking to play newer games, you want to start at a 960m for anything past low settings, maybe a 950m. If the 940 is all you can get, it will run games, but not well for anything new that needs good specs.