Question Laptop can't power everything

Feb 19, 2024
Hi, I've got a Lenovo Legion laptop that is maybe 5 years old. It's got USB 3.0 ports. I have my keyboard and mouse plugged directly into my ultra-wide monitor, which I then plug into the USB-C port. Within a few moments of plugging anything into the laptop's USB 3.0 ports, such as my printer or external hard drive, the lights on the keyboard and mouse start flashing. The mouse starts working intermittently and the keyboard will get stuck continually sending the last keystroke I pushed when it went haywire. If I unplug the USB-C, and reconnect, I get about 10 seconds of workable time before the mouse and keyboard go crazy again. Once I unplug the printer or hard drive, the keyboard and mouse return to normal functionality. I basically cannot use my monitor/keyboard/mouse and my printer or external hard drive at the same time. Any idea what might cause this or potential solutions?