Laptop case/hinge repair


Nov 22, 2012
Within 3 months of owning my laptop the casing has slowly began to split (at the time I barely even used it) now that I have been working online for 6+ months the problem has progressively gotten worse. The laptop is being held together by gorilla tape, and it would probably fall apart if it wasn't for the tape. Now i've had this laptop for less than a year and bought it with the intentions of it lasting a few years, and I don't see it lasting much longer. I'm unable to take a picture of my actual laptop due to the tape, but this picture sorta shows what I'm experiancing. It's happening on both sides of the laptop. What options do I have for repairing it myself? I've contacted lenovo support since it's still covered under warranty, but was told that a repair would cost 300-499$ so that's out of the question.


Jul 15, 2011
cant see why you would have to pay for the repair if its under warranty though guess laws in the usa might be different from here in the uk

its likely the hinges might be attached to plastic that has given way not sure you can repair it your self