Laptop charges only when fully charged (100%)


Dec 9, 2015
My laptop does not charge. The power and charge indicator lights keep blinking when i insert the AC cord.
However, when I put the screen down (hibernate) the laptop charges.
When it is fully charged, I open it and insert the power charges normally. But as soon as the charge drops from 100% to 99% the laptop stops charging and the lights start blinking again.
Any help is apprreciated.
Thank you.

Please do try these troubleshooting steps that may help in identifying the issue.
- Start by testing your AC adapter if it's supplying enough voltage or better try a different AC adapter that has the same voltage.
- Another test with the AC adapter if it's working properly is to remove the battery off the laptop then boot it up with just the AC adapter.
- If it does stay on with just the charger that means it's working properly.
- Next to do is to uninstall/reinstall the "microsoft acpi-compliant control method battery" from Device Manager.
- If this will not work you may also do consider replacing the battery itself.


Dec 9, 2015

Thanks for replying!
I dont think the problem is with the AC adapter because it works perfectly on my other laptop.
And when i start the laptop on AC power and no battery it starts and then falls off after some time.
So its not a battery problem as well.....?
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