Laptop clicking and producing smoke?

Dec 28, 2015
Hi, so I have an approximately 3-year-old laptop which has never had any problems before. I was using it earlier today when I turned it a certain way and suddenly it made a noise very similar to this: and it seriously looked like there was smoke coming out of the area between the screen and keyboard (fan? Sorry, I know nothing about computers). I freaked out and shut it down and left it for like two hours. Then I tried to clean the fan with a little vacuum thing as other forums recommended, opened it again and everything seemed fine for about five minutes, until that clicking noise and smoke started again! What do I do and how much will it cost to repair? This is the absolute worst time for my laptop to be having problems, please say it is an easy fix
Dec 28, 2015

So the fan definitely is the problem, right?
I don't feel comfortable doing it myself- if I were to buy this fan (assuming it is compatible), could I take it to a repair shop and give it to them to do, and how much would that cost?
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