Laptop display only showing black


Jan 31, 2017
Hey guys, my laptop accidently slipped off my table as i didnt put it far enough in, for it not to tip.

Right after it had fallen, it was showing my screen, while switching between being blacked out, or showing the display. After I turned it off, it will only show a completely black screen. Can it be saved?
Try this...

1. Turn the laptop off (not sleep or hibernate but off).
2. Connect an external monitor to the laptop.
3. Turn on the external monitor.
4. Turn on the laptop.

NOTE: You may have to press an "external monitor" button. Could be the f4 button or a button with two monitors on it, for the external monitor to work.

If you can see fine on the external monitor, then your attached display, or the ribbon cable that connects it, are your problem.

If you can't see on the external monitor at all, or the problem occurs on the external monitor as well, then it is probably the graphics card/GPU that is the problem, which may require the motherboard be replaced.
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