Question Laptop does not recognise TV through HDMI

Nov 28, 2019
Hello folks, I'm having trouble connecting my TV to my laptop through HDMI. The TV is a quite old TCL (Chinese version!) without many in-built display settings, the laptop is an HP.

I've just got the TV and tried connecting my laptop - on the first try, it initially displayed a poor resolution and no sound, but after some switching ports, turning off and on of both TV and laptop, it just fixed itself - the laptop recognised the brand of TV, had it listed as a sound output, displayed in the correct resolution. We watched a movie and all was well.

The next day however I have been unable to replicate this. The TV now displays the laptop screen as 640x480 resolution, while the laptop is set to 1920x1080. Sound no longer plays through the TV and it is not listed under output options anymore. I should mention this is all trying 'duplicate display' - if I set the TV as the only display it shows my desktop greatly zoomed in, which improves picture quality a little, but sound and general recognition issues remain.

Things I have tried myself - rolling back, updating, and reinstalling drivers for monitors and and display adapters. The laptop recognises something is there - it lists 'Generic non PnP monitor' in the Device Manager, but not the actual TV brand and code as it did before.

The HDMI cable and laptop work well with another TV I own, and the HDMI works with my Switch and that TV too. I am wondering if, a bit like the Switch, there is a secret combination to attaching and powering on the devices. I have tried many combinations. I'm at a loss because the laptop had previously 'found' the TV and functioned correctly - so all the components for it working seem to be there. Obviously the laptop recognises something is there - it has some form of display on the TV.

Any help greatly appreciated, apologies if I haven't described things well, I will try to answer any questions that could help. Thank you
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