Laptop doesnt recognize internet connection


Jun 5, 2017
I have Asus X54H Laptop and problems with internet connection, both ethernet and wifi. I have had more or less problems right after changing to windows10 and now i just cant get it into internet at all in my home...

With some wifis it stays as "no internet connection" for few minutes before recognizes it and sometimes works normally finding it instantly but way too often now it doesnt recognize at all.

So now im using router which has currently my PC connected it has been working perfectly with ethernet and phone+tablet works with wifi. Now i try to connect laptop wifi it connects but doesnt recognize internet, same thing happens with ethernet.

I have been trying to troubleshoot it without success many times...
It may be the WiFi card in the device that is the problem. Especially if it is working via Ethernet.

You can try (either by buying your own or borrowing one to test with) an external WiFi and see if that will work. It would connect through a USB port. If it works fine, then the internal one is not working. You then have the option to either replace the internal one, or stick with an external one.
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