Laptop doesn't show Acer screen nor BIOS


Feb 19, 2017
I am assembling this Acer Aspire 5680 just for the fun of it.
Initially it showed the Acer screen but not the Bios. On the Acer screen there was a blue line down on the right that did not advance to the end of the line.
Then I sent the motherboard back to the seller and he tested it and said all was OK.
Now the same laptop does not even show the Acer screen, let alone the Bios.
All the LEDs are on.
I have not assembled any display HW, only connected a Philips 17 monitor to the VGA socket.
The laptop beeps like when the Bios comes on, without touching the keyboard, but the monitor shown "no video input".
Have you any ideas? I am a beginner and I do this just to learn a little HW.
Thanks a lot and best regards


When performing a revival of a laptop, you should take note to install the the unit as it's meant to be meaning that the display normally found on a laptop and it's internals should be connected as if it were from the factory.

Have you tried using other sticks of ram? Or at least only one stick of known working DDR2 ram?


Feb 19, 2017
Thanks a lot. I am trying a different RAM: 2 Gb, only one stick.
Should I add that previously, when I did get the Acer screen, I was using the same monitor.
I cannot use the proper display as I do not have it yet. I am trying to make this work so that I can send it to a shop and get a compatible display because I am not able to decide which display suits this mobo and cpu. I have a 5680 display but I am in doubt whether it would work. A screen has a code number so I suppose in my ignorance that each laptop has to have a display with the appropriate code number and not just any codenumber although screen meant for the same laptop model.
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