Question Laptop doesn't support headphone jack?

If the single port is indeed a dual port (input/output) then you would just need a 2 3.5mm to single 3.5mm adapter. That is, if it will work on your device. Some laptops are picky when it comes to the 3.5mm ports.

Another option, which will likely work better than the other, is to get a 2 3.5mm to USB adapter.


Since that is a mono headphone with microphone you can assume that one of the two conductor pins on the plug is for the headphones and the other for the mic. If you want to use it with a stereo source it won't worth be the trouble. That kind of headphone is for voice communication and won't be adequate for music.
If you attach a vom to the mic connections you will generate a voltage when you talk into it. The headphone pin won't. Now you have to adapt the plug. Again not really worth the effort.
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