Laptop (ERROR 0271 and Warning 0251/No sound and no usb reconizing)


Jun 2, 2017
Hello. I have a Samsumg RV511 laptop. Every time when i turn the laptop on,after 3seconds i get a error that says "ERROR
0271:Check date and time settings
0251:System CMOS checksum bad- Defauld Configuration Used"
I have no sound on my laptop (Red cross on the volume icon) when i click on the red cross icon and windows is detecting the problem,it says (no output device detected) and when i plug my usb device in,the usb is flashing but the laptop wont reconize it. I tried everything
-Changed the baterry
-Flashed the bios
-installed all drivers in device manager
-installed a new copy of windows
-Loaded the setup defaults in the bios
-Changed date and time in bios
-Installed Realtek hd audio driver
But nothing...
Please help me
Thank you. ☺
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