Laptop fan making extreme sound under odd circumstances


Jan 11, 2016
Hello, lately my laptop has started with some weird and extreme fan noises and I would love an opinion on what might be the cause and what might be the solution.

I use an Aspire V3 771G laptop, lately it has started making extreme noise from the fan,as if something was stuck against it. In any other case I would just assume it was some dirt and try to clean it. However, the sound only comes sometimes, it is not always present and a restart often removes the sound even though the heat of the laptop suggests the fan is working properly.

At times it appears already on startup, right when windows is loading in and a quick reboot will often result in the sound disappearing.
Other times it appears seemingly randomly during my sessions, sometimes hours, sometimes minutes in.

The pattern of it appearing is what makes this very confusing to me, if something would be stuck in it, why isn't it always there? Why does a reboot seem to make the difference? What else could the cause be?

Another thing that is worth noting is that the problem first occurred a long time ago when i moved the laptop from one room to another, but vanished after a reboot and didn't return until now. Recently I also moved the laptop briefly from one room to the next, which very well might be linked to the problem increasing.

Right now it's about 50-50 if the sound comes on at startup and if it doesn't, it will probably appear later on. A reboot still often fixes it, and if I don't reboot the sound will stay until shutdown.
Would love to have some insight as to what it might be and what I might do.


Jan 11, 2016

I tried that without any result. However the issue has developed into a constant, it no longer goes away by rebooting.
When I noticed this I decided to take a look at the fan itself, disassembled the laptop so I could reach it (ofcourse the fan had to be one of the hardest to reach components) and managed to remove a big clump of dust.
Thinking I had solved the problem I put everything back together, put on my laptop and the sound immediately continued.
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