Question laptop freezes/shuts down when picked up a certain way


Jun 30, 2013
Hi all, I've begun to experience an issue with my laptop when I pick it up on the left side by the location of power and hdmi port. What follows is either the laptop will restart on its own, or, if i am playing audio/video everything freezes and the speakers/headphones begin to emit a very unpleasant screeching sound. When this happens I am afraid to keep it running this way so I long press the power button until shutdown.
I am assuming that when I pick it up this way something bends inside, something loses contact with something else and it throws the hardware out of whack.
I haven't taken it apart yet so I am not sure what could be causing the issue or what components are in that particular location that could be affected. The laptop itself is an inspiron 14 7000 2in1, I bought it about 2-3 years ago so warranty isn't an option anymore. I use this laptop a lot (including for work), so I am hesitant to take it apart and attempt to fix it myself before doing at least a bit of research about what the issue could be and how it might be fixed.
It works fine otherwise, and I am able to move it around and pick it up with no issues from the right side by the aux/usb/sd port, or by the sides of the track pad.

If you have any suggestions or advice about what could be causing this or how to fix it I would greatly appreciate it!