Laptop frequently shuttting off (and more)


Jul 23, 2016
I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I just had no idea where to specifically put this

I have an old Acer laptop back from around 2011 probably, and while it's never been the best thing ever, it's atleast been usable to my standards up until recently.

One of the biggest problems I've been having is that it shuts off nonstop. No warning, instant shut down, no blue screen, etc. Often times before it shuts down, the entire system slows, cursor lags, nothing loads, etc like it's using max cpu for seemingly no reason. This also happens while playing games such as l4d2 or league which I used to be able to play no problem, but can't anymore. They're way slower than they used to be to the point of being unplayable, and also shuts off mid game a lot, all of which has never happened until recently. Basically I have to monitor everything I do on here and try to keep processes to a minimum to make sure I have no issues of this being slow.

I've tried a ton of different things before finally deciding to post here as I have no other idea what to do by now, from factory resetting, virus scans, power options, updating drivers, updating bios, (I also 2 days ago just upgraded from W7 to 10 and have seen a more general improvement in performance, but no difference in terms of running games, and the system still shuts off on its own sometimes regardless outside of that.)

I've basically exhausted every option my mind of limited knowledge on computers can search for, and I wouldn't post here if I didn't think I could somehow find the solution to this on my own seeing as I've tried so much. Any help on this would be appreciated