Solved! Laptop GPU suddenly starts underperforming


Feb 23, 2014
Hi, Im a laptop gamer and I play a specific game for a long time now.
The issue is when sometimes I had to forcebly shut down my laptop or a sudden powerloss cause the turm off my GPU starts to underperform permanently.

I Fixed this issue 3 times now and it happend today morning for the 4th time.
The fixes worked for me is a complete OS reinstall and letting windows update take care of the drivers...the issue resolved but after 5days it started again.
Then I did a soft windows reset and did a complete diver wipe and reinstall. This worked as well and one day a powerloss made force pc shut down and after restart GPU underperforming started again. I cannot get a fix on what drivers or hardware this issue happens on.

My specs are as follows
Inspiron 15 3357
i5 3337 1.8ghz
6gb ddr3
Amd radeon 7670M
Using windows 10 64bit 1703

I keep saying this is a gpu issue is because my pc performance is not hit by this thing. Only my gaming performance.
I normally get as high as 120fps on lowest settings on the game warframe. And the lowest i ever got is 30fps.(on very intensive events) But now it dips to 7or 8 fps and no more than 60 any given time with unplayable stutters and lags.

I usually disable windows update because it messes up my system because its an quite old system.
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