Solved! Laptop GPU under-performing


Dec 23, 2015
So I just bought this new laptop with the nVidia MX130 gpu. I've searched for benchmark results online and most of them shows that this gpu should perform better than the GTS 450 in my old computer. but when I tried to run the NovaBench 2011 benchmarking software, my GTS 450 got 811fps on the 3d test, while my laptop only managed to gain around 400fps. My computer uses i5-3570k, while my laptop runs on i3-7020u. I already set the app to run on the Nvidia GPU and in the task manager, the nvidia gpu showed usage during the benchmarking while the cpu usage was only around 40 percent..
Is there any problem with my configuration, or is the GTS 450 is simply faster than the MX 130?
Your i5-3570K is an unlocked desktop processor. It's considerably more capable than the i3-7020u, a low voltage CPU designed more for low to mid-range performance and power conservation.

7th gen is not listed here but you can get an idea of the performance gap:

Your mileage will vary depending on the application. Generally speaking, your i5 3570K will curb stomp that i3.
Jan 11, 2014
Benchmark results of the same graphic card can be different when it checked with two different CPUs. Both adapters you mentioned have nearly the same computing power but GTS 450 bit older, runs at lower clocks, more power consuming compared to MX 130. In your case i5 3570K more than 2 times powerful than you Laptop CPU so desktop benchmark should be far better than what you can expect from the mentioned Laptop. Conclusion: MX 130 is better and less power consuming and also outperform GTS 450.