Laptop GT 750M extreme fps drop in every game

Grayson Hive

Nov 5, 2014
I have an Asus N750JV

Intel i7 4700HQ
Nvidia 750m DDR3 4GB
Windows 8 64 bit

I installed League of Legends and CS:GO, installed the latest Nvidia drivers for my videocard.
I set in Nvidia control panel to use the Nvidia graphics card, not the integrated Intel HD graphics 4600. With CS:GO at 1024x768 and minimum details, I get around 250-300 fps, which I must get all the time, and then it lag spikes and drops to 30-40 for no reason. Even when standing still and doing absolutely nothing, it drops and keeps lagging for 1-2 seconds, then goes back to 250-300.

The same is on LoL. 1920x1080 res and min details, the game runs flawlessly. Every 2 minutes I get a lag spike for a few seconds, then back to normal.