Laptop HDD light not on and no fan sound


May 13, 2015
Hey guys, so my laptop is an Acer V3-571G, when I press the power buttons then there is no response from the computer at all except the power button lights up, the HDD light doesn't come on and neither does the screen turn on and I can't hear any fan sound. This has happened once before but after a few days it started randomly working again. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


Jul 30, 2014
Welcome, FMD!

This definitely doesn't sound good for your laptop! I'd recommend contacting the manufacturer's tech support. If it's still within the warranty period, you should RMA it and/or for a repair/replacement. I would suspect a motherboard issue, since the display, the fan and the HDD are not working properly. Even if you get it to work randomly again, I'd still look for a replacement on the motherboard.

Good luck! Hope I was helpful!
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