Question Laptop HDMI connection to projector & HDTV display problems

Sep 7, 2019
Recently I'm having an HDMI display problems from my laptop. My laptop is a GE72 Apache Pro running Windows 10 Home edition. I use this laptop for work and home. Previously it runs perfectly fine where i work (I use my laptop to connect to a projector), at home I connect it to my HDTV and it also works fine. But yesterday when I try to connect my laptop through HDMI to a projector it does not work. Here is the chronology of the problem and the solutions that I've tried:
  1. Connected the HDMI to a projector and the projected screen flickers and sometimes it doesn't display at all even through the laptop and the projector says it already connected on the display settings screen.
  2. Tried using a different HDMI cable and still the same output.
  3. Contacted IT support where I work and they say it's because the laptop is in high resolution (1920x1080) and suggest to lower the screen resolution. I did that and still doesn't work. FYI previously for 2 years I've used this laptop with the same 1920x1080 screen resolution to the same projector and it was never a problem.
  4. So I thought maybe this is a projector problem and when I went back home and used the laptop to connect to my HDTV using HDMI connection, the output screen was not positioned proportionally, some of the screen shifted to the right and red colors on the screen start to flicker (previously this never happened before for the past 2 years)
  5. changed the HDMI cable still doesn't work (still produce the same output that I mentioned in point 4 above).
  6. changed to a different HDMI port on the HDTV and still doesn't work (still produce the same output that I mentioned in point 4 above).
  7. tried uninstalling the nVidia graphics driver and installed the basic graphics driver only but still didn't work.
  8. updated the latest nVidia driver through GeForce Experience app and still didn't work.
  9. tried going into safe mode in windows 10 and using the HDMI connection still doesn't work.
Now I'm running out of ideas because I don't know whats causing this and how to solve this. its definitely not caused by a faulty graphics card because I play my games with high settings on my laptop and its a no problem. Its also not the HDMI cable because I've used multiple HDMI cables to test this out, Also its not my projector or HDTV because I used the HDMI connection from a different laptop to the projector and the hdtv and it displays just fine. So I'm totally confused and appreciate any help on how to solve this problem.
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