Laptop HDMI to TV + 2 x PC 2.1 Surround Speaker Systems - Help!


Dec 16, 2015
I have an Acer Aspire with 1 Headphone jack input and 1 output and something called stereo mix, which I just cannot make sense of!

My laptop is connected to a fairly old JVC TV. I have 2 sets of 2.1 PC systems I'd would love to somehow setup into a surround sound system. I'm not a rich man, so I'm trying to see if it is possible. So far all I have achieved is pure frustration

So HDMI from Laptop to T.V. I was originally trying to output from the T.V to my speakers, which I have given up on, to use the TV speakers in the setup. The problem is the HDMI goes in, but I cannot find where to take the output from the T.V without muting the TV speakers.

I'm now trying to run from the single output jack on my Laptop. This is fine for 1 2.1 system, But I cannot fathom a way to use both of them. They both are setup the same, with headphone jack from laptop out to volume control to headphone jack input into subwoofer. Both Subs then have output to 2 speakers.

I know there's a solution, I've been close but can never quite get it, All i can hope for is someone clever than I can put me out of my wire entangled misery

Many,many thanks in advance



To get surround sound, you need something to decode it. That something would have to have multiple outputs for the different speakers. Sound cards on PCs have that capability. Home theater receivers have that capability. It doesn't sound like your laptop has that capability.

I think your best option would be to get a USB sound subsystem like this that has 5.1 -- It would work with multiple powered speaker systems for surround.
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