Question Laptop internal screen blank but external works fine

Jul 29, 2022
I'm kinda struggling here with my screen not working. I recently had to change my chassis because of a broken hinge. The internal screen was held on pull tabs and both of them snapped (of course).
I had to pry the screen using force. After doing that the screen was black so I assumed I broke the screen in process. Then I bought a new one and to my surprise it also doesn't work...
External monitor works fine via HDMI but the internal doesn't even show the Lenovo splash screen when booting, BIOS also shows black. The internal screen is recognised in windows and Intel control centre.
Then I plugged the screen into another Lenovo laptop. There it worked fine. I went ahead and tried swapping the screen cable from the second laptop - Still nothing. The screen from the second laptop behaves the same.
The MB connector looks fine. The screen is the right P/N (strangely the second laptop has a different screen and it works there)

I tried:
DDU and drivers update
Safe mode
Tricking the lid Hall sensor with a magnet (Windows just makes an animation of changing the displays but still no picture on the internal)
Shining a light into the screen to see if there is a picture without a backlight - nothing to be seen

I've ran out of ideas here. If there is anything that comes to your mind (except changing the motherboard) please tell me.

Thank you
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