Laptop just died on me


May 12, 2015
Help help.. I have an MSI GE60 2PE Apache Pro and it was working fine 2 days ago when I used it. When I tried using it yesterday it was working as well but quite faulty in the beginning. I usually only use my laptop plugged in with the power adapter cause I dont want to damage my battery by over using it. I had it plugged into an international adapter since I'm travelling right now. The first two tries when I tried pressing the on button nothing came up, no fans turning nothing on the screen. Then i just shifted the plug connected to the laptop towards me a little and turn it on and it did. The laptop was on my bed at the time and when I shifted a little the laptop died on me again. I turned it on and a few seconds later it died again. At this point of time I thought it was just a loose connection between the cord connecting to the laptop so in my third try I held the cord while I turn it on and it seemed to stay after a while so I let go of my grip and it worked fine for the next 2 hours until I shut it off nicely. This loose plug causing my laptop to dc issue has never happened before and I think it was a prelude to what will happen today.

So after turning it off nicely and setting it aside, when I tried turning it on today it just lies dead and frozen. No fan turning, no lights no nothing it just lay still right there. What I tried doing:
1. At first I tried turning it on without my battery in and just my power adapter connected nothing happens. I shifted the cord connected to the laptop nothing happens.
2. I tried putting my battery in which was fully charged and turned it on nothing happened.
3. I had the battery in and the power adapter plugged in yet still it cant turn on. NOTE: However, the blue LED battery light in the centre of the base of my laptop lit up meaning that the power adapter is charging my battery but I cant turn on my laptop still. Nothinf happens on my laptop.
4. I tried doing the static test like so many times.. Unplugged the power adapter and battery, hold the power button for a min or so then put my battery in and turn it on nth happens. Tried doing second time then putting my power adapter in and it doesnt turn on. Tried again this time with both battery and power adapter in and nothing happens.

I had nothing connected to the laptop.. Only the power cord. This laptop is almost a year old maybe around 10 months old so its still new. Im so lost this has never happened before I really hope the CPU, motherboard and processor is left undamaged.

Any input is much, much appreciated. Thank you very much.