Question Laptop keeps changing bw charging and not charging when heavy gaming..

Aug 13, 2020
Hi, i have a MSI GE63 7RF, its a fairly powerful laptop,
So couple of months back i updated my Nvidia Geforce Driver directly from the site(as i normally do).
Ever since the update, during gaming the laptop keeps switching from AC to Battery constantly,
so suppose im in the game, the fps drops from 100+fps to 12-30fps and goes back up again,
this happens consistently cos the AC adapter keeps getting disconnected and connected.

Things ive tried to fix the issue
-Roll back to older Nvidia driver
-Uninstall and Reinstall Nvidia drivers using DDU in Safe mode
-Install a fresh copy of Windows
-Cleaning and Repasting (in case it was thermal issue)

-Gaming on Battery was working for a short time( at lower settings.. but that too had the same issue after a while)
As soon as i quit any game it starts charging normally.

I use a lot of CAD softwares which are not as heavy so there is no issue then-charges normally.
but as soon as i open any game this starts happening, and this started right at the beginning of the pandemic, so basically i havent gamed cos i couldnt :((
and with the existing issue of the pandemic, im unable to get replacement parts( charger or battery) atm
Any advice would be nice

Laptop Specs
-i7 7700hq
-16gb Ram(SCh)
-GTX 1070
-Charger provided-230w
Aug 14, 2020
Hi! If you are using a surge protector (those things that plug into a plug and give you more plugs, for the people who don't know), then you might want to plug your laptop into the wall instead of the surge protector because the protector might be using a bit too much power. This worked for me so I hope it works for you.

If that doesn't work, I suggest you get a new, stronger laptop charger or a new battery.
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