Question Laptop keys "pressing down" after i let go.

Mar 24, 2019
When i play games on my laptop, about 10% of the times i press the W , A ,S or D keys and i let go, the laptop/game thinks that i am still holding down the key. Please help.
It sounds like either there is something stuck in them, food, debris, stickiness due to liquid, etc., or the keys are becoming damaged due to over use.

First I would suggest you try cleaning out the keyboard. Anything stuck in it can cause keys to stick. And even the smallest amount of a liquid that can turn sticky (basically anything other than water) can cause keys to get stuck.

If cleaning it out doesn't do the trick, then you are looking at either replacing the keys (if possible on that laptop keyboard), replacing the whole keyboard or using an external keyboard.
Mar 24, 2019
Thanks for replying, I don't think that it will be dirt as it has been happening since i got the laptop. I will clean it anyway. I'm not worried too much if the problem stays anyway as I've gotten used to it. Again thanks for replying :D
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