Laptop keys type the wrong symbol when pressing SHIFT?


Jul 20, 2015
For example, the ' key should make a @ when I press shift, but instead it makes a "! Vice versa with the 2 key. The shift functions for most other keys have switched too. Too fix this, I tried using the change input language fix, and changing it to US worked temporarily, but when I turned on my laptop again it was back to this problem again! I don't see why using the UK language would glitch my keyboard anyway since my laptop IS from the UK. I've tried changing it to many different versions of the US and UK language and restarting it and stuff but nothing is working. Is there a way to reset it back to whatever it was using originally? There's no default option I can find in the list of languages. Nothing really happened that should have made this happen, I was just using my laptop normally and then out of the blue it started doing this with the symbols.
What do I do now? My laptop is an Acer Aspire, I'm pretty sure it's from the UK but it was used when I bought it.


Issue is probably that the keyboard and language settings don't match. UK keyboards have different locations for the characters than US keyboards. Make sure the keyboard used matches the language of the Windows settings.
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