Laptop locks up only when on home wi-fi while multiple other networks are fine....

Jul 20, 2018
I travel for work as a consultant and use multiple wi-fi networks in the airports, at various companies, coffee shops etc. and my laptop never locks up. When I am home on weekends it locks up multiple times a day but I've noticed if I turn off my wi-fi it does not lockup. Could my home network provider somehow be the cause? If not what then?
There could be an issue with the network. Your connection could be being reset if the modem/router has issues or needs resetting (turning off and back on of the modem/router). It could be that the connection keeps being reset due to major fluctuation in the internet speed dropping or even stopping. It could be noise or interference on the connection. It could also be caused by to many other devices on the WiFi that is giving you issues.

For all of the above you would have to monitor the connection, restart (turn off and back on) the modem/router and make sure there are not to many devices on that WiFi. You may also need to contact your ISP about the connection, if it shows problems.

Also, try connecting to the home network via Ethernet and not WiFi to see if you get the same problems. This will help rule out hardware issues. I know you said it works elsewhere, but it is always best to check.
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