Laptop/Mobile Workstation for Aerospace Engineering Student


Jul 24, 2015
What would be a good laptop/mobile workstation for an aerospace engineering student? It does not need to include an operating system. Below are some of my wants/needs.

Price: basically anything under 3000 USD.
Display: 15+ inches and at least a resolution of 1920x1080.
Battery: 4+ hours is preferred, but if there's one that matches the rest of the criteria except this one, please feel free to share it anyway.
CPU: probably quad core, not sure about the speed though.
Video Card: something powerful enough to run general engineering CAD software and aerospace engineering CAD software. An acquaintance told me to go for a professional card.
RAM: 8GB+ at least.
Storage: a 250GB SSD for the OS would be nice, but isn't necessary.

If there's any other information anyone needs, please feel free to ask for it. Thanks in advance to any help, it is much appreciated.