Laptop not charging anymore after overheating


Jun 25, 2016
Hi everyone,
This is an old issue I have with my laptop (Lenovo Y510P), but maybe someone knows something about it.
It worth mentioning that it was summer and very hot outside, and I was playing Rocket League for several hours when suddenly my laptop turned off, 99.9% because of the overheating (I didn't noticed because I was using an external keyboard). It happened a few times before to turn off when overheating but i was just waiting 5 minutes and then turning it on, everything was working normal. Not this time, I tried to turn it on, but nothing worked for several hours, laptop wasn't powering on, all led lights were off too.

After several tries and 12 hours later, I managed to turn it on but I noticed that the laptop was not charging, it was using the battery power. I tried everything from unplugging the charger, changing the power source, etc., nothing worked. I thought the charger was dead, but I have tried with a different charger and still the laptop was not charging.
I removed the battery and tried again with the charger and it worked. So without battery but with the charger in, it's working. The trick is that even if I remove the battery and try to turn it on with charger in, it's not working directly. I need to remove the charger too, and let it rest for several minutes (maybe to discharge the power that's inside the charger), then insert it again and it will work.
If i turn it on without battery, just using the charger, and then when the laptop is on i insert the battery, it will start charging the battery, but still it will use power from the charger, not battery.

The issue is very weird, now I'm using my laptop only with charger in, without battery. Do you guys have any idea what it could go wrong?


Jan 8, 2009
As soon as the charger is in, it will always use power from the charger instead of the battery.
Something might have desoldered inside, try opening it if you feel confident enough.


Jun 25, 2016
@EdgeT - you are right, the issues is that if the charger is in and also the battery is in - it will use the battery power, charger is not even detected (led light for charging is not on).
If I insert the battery while the laptop was turned on using only the charger, it will charge the battery and it will work normal until the next restart - where it will use again only the battery power and not charging at all.
I opened it a while back and I couldn't see anything wrong, but I'm not a pro so I can't say too much. Maybe some circuit burned or something...
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