Laptop not turning off

Nov 20, 2018
TL;DR: I'm trying to shut my laptop off, power button doesn't respond at all, screen is black, can't remove the battery.

So I got a Dell laptop running w10, I was recently playing fallout 4 which seemingly has a known issue which causes the keyboard to stop responding. After a quick search, the best fix to the issue is to close Steam or restart your computer. Playing on a laptop means that I can't just unplug it and I'm good, I had to fidget with the trackpad for a good while trying to get the main windows menu where my mouse worked and I could select the shut down option. Clicked shut down, saw how a few programs closed 1 by 1 and thought I had it fixed. Wrong. Now I'm stuck on a black screen, the power button's light is still on and I can distinctly hear the fan on the laptop being on. It's not making any beeping or anything else, it's just there. Already tried holding the power button down about a minute with no response, already unplugged it but since it's a laptop with an integrated battery that didn't work, and tried flashing a light on it to make sure the screen was actually off (it is).

And that's where I'm at, a laptop with an unresponsive keyboard that won't turn off. Any other steps you guys can provide will be greatly appreciated!
You will then either have to remove the battery (yes I know they are complex to get to in some devices, but they can be removed) or wait for it to run out of power.