Question Laptop opens up then shuts down [NOT MOBO!]


Sep 4, 2013
Hey everyone,

Can you please help me with my laptop's issue? I already paid twice for a repair but the problem still persists.

Model no: Grundig 1567 B1 i3.

The laptop abruptly shuts down without notice, sometimes after working without problem for many hours.

And sometimes, when I open it, it shuts down after a few seconds or minutes.

What's weird is merely touching the laptop (away from the power button) is enough to trigger its booting.

I uploaded a short vid on YT showing the laptop's behavior:
Can you please watch it for a better understanding?

It can't be the motherboard as I had it changed completely. The SSD I'm using to boot Windows is also only a few months old...

Apart from this, the laptop is ultra fast and high performing. That's why I don't want to buy a new one...
Model no: Grundig 1567 B1 i3.

Thank you many times for your help!!
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Well if not the motherboard, not much else can cause sudden shutdowns. Bad RAM maybe, bad power brick, un-grounded outlets if this happens when you touch it.
For a laptop with a 3rd gen i3 it would be cheaper and faster to replace it. You can get a similar or faster speed system for about $200, I doubt that would have been more than trying different fixes.
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