Laptop plugged in, not charging - charger/power outlet problem?


Jan 30, 2018
So I recently moved from Europe to the United States. I brought my MSI with me, which has a European charger - the charger is attached to an extension cord, which is in turn attached to a Europe - US power adapter. For the first two weeks, everything was fine: my laptop was charging just fine. However, since today it suddenly tells me that the battery is "plugged in, not charging." This may have happened after I plugged a microwave through an extension cord into another power outlet... however, when I unplugged the microwave, my laptop still refused to charge. Could this be related to the fact that my laptop has a higher voltage charger which apparently doesn't work right in the USA (I think Europe has 200-something volt and US 110 volt outlets), or is it my laptop that's the problem here?

ETA: It says 98% available, plugged in, not charging. When I remove the charger from the laptop, the screen brightness and everything will decrease just as it would normally, and when I put it back in the screens brightens up again, but still says it's not charging.
If it says that and shows the display changing, then the charger is working when connected to the device to run it.

Try turning off the laptop and see if it will charge then. If it does, then the charger is the most likely problem and needs replacing. Now if it won't charge the battery even when off, then your battery could need replacing, or the charging circuit could be damaged and need replacing (possibly making you need to replace the motherboard).


Jan 30, 2018

Thanks for your answer! So I turned it off - on... actually, had it stay off during the night - and it's now at 97%, plugged in, not charging. It's just so weird to me though that the battery would be dead or anything would be damaged, because it's been standing here on my desk for weeks now, I haven't done anything crazy with it and the laptop itself is barely 6 months old. So why would something like that happen suddenly?
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