Solved! Laptop plugged in not charging


Nov 4, 2016
So ive had this problem since the week i bought my laptop, it just stops at a percentage somewhere over 90% and then just stops charging, is it because not to make the AC adapter be cool and not hot or do i need a new battery/adapter? by the way the battery is stuck in the laptop so idk. the model is ASUS ROG GL702VM

GTX 1060 6GB
1 x 16GB RAM
i7 6700HQ
ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. GL702VM U3E1 motherboard
1920x1080 75Hz
Actually, I did read what you wrote. You stated that this has been going on since shortly after you got the device.

There is no date info no when purchased, and no mention of if you have contacted the manufacturer on this at all.

Since you did not mention when that was, although it would seem odd to have this kind of problem for a long period without seeking to have the seller or manufacturer resolve it, it seemed to be something you recently got. If it is less than a year old, then it should still fall under warranty. Unless of course it has been damaged in some way.

If under a year since purchased, then any issue with it should still be covered under warranty. Also, if under warranty you would not want to open it up yourself as that can void said warranty.


Nov 4, 2016

if only you had the time to see what i wrote you wouldnt ask this question in the first place


Nov 4, 2016
i havent damaged it in any way, i got it on 25th december 2016. it said not charging the first week i played.
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