Laptop powers up with AC or battery but not both. Does not charge.


Nov 20, 2015
Hi everyone, so this is a weird problem I've never seen before and I could use some help.

I have a HP Elitebook 8760w and I mostly run it off AC power. I was using it a couple weeks ago, it was plugged in and I got a warning the battery was about to die. I tried fiddling with the connector but Windows would not recognize it was plugged in.

I tested the power adapter with a multimeter and got 19.8v on the connector so that works.

I shut it down and popped the battery out and tried to boot just off the AC and it would not power up. I put the battery back in. Still would not power up.

I took out the battery and the AC and did a power drain. I then booted it just off the AC and it came up fine.

I took out the AC and put the battery back and it's stone dead. Did a power drain. Still stone dead.

I took both out, did a power drain and I put the battery and AC in and it booted from the battery, both the BIOS and Windows don't recognize it's plugged in.

I thought the battery might be bad so I ordered another one and it does the exact same thing.

Has anyone seen this before? I fear the charging IC on the motherboard might be bad.

Any help would be much appreciated. I'm thoroughly confused.
The charger could still actually be your problem. Here is why, if it isn't putting out enough power to both run the device and charge the battery, then it would need replacing as it would be on its way to being done for.

Now if it turns out not to be that, and the battery you bought is a good one (aftermarket batteries can really be hit or miss, better to get OEM ones) then I would be looking at the charging circuit.
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