Solved! Laptop Problem: When I connect my microphone to my laptop it acts like it is my default speakers, the microphone doesnt work!?

Dec 7, 2018
When I plug In my microphone on my laptop, I can't hear my speakers anymore and the microphone act's like its the speakers plus the microphone in general cant detect any voice. I know it works perfectly fine when I connect it to my ipad to test my voice but on my laptop nothing is working! Please help me since this is starting to really piss my off
Are you sure that the jack you are plugging into is indeed something that can run a microphone? Some laptops have a singular output only (speaker only) one which would not allow the microphone to work. Or it could be a dual one (input/output) but not be functioning correctly (also really common).

A simple way around this would be to get a 3.5mm to USP adapter and connect via a USB port instead.
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