Laptop randomly loses connection to internet


Mar 4, 2016

I have a problem with my four-year-old laptop. It randomly loses internet connection after like 15 to 30 minutes.
It's really strange: I can still connect with a network and succesfully go to Google for example, but after a while (it appears after 5-15 minutes of inactivity, but it also happens during intense browsing), the internet connection stops working, while the network connection is still there.
If I try to reconnect with the same or another network, it keeps loading for like 3 seconds, then it stops all network connections and after that it says that it can't connect to the network.
Then I have to restart the laptop before I can connect to a network again.

This is really annoying, especially because the laptop still works fine: it's only the wifi that is really frustrating. If you have any suggestions, feel free to answer!
Router model is still good to know.

A) there could be some specific issue with that model
B) tells me if a low, medium, or high end unit
C) tells me what connection type/speed you have

Since you have narrowed already narrowed it down to laptop being the point of failure I would look at getting a new wifi card. These are fairly inexpensive ($20-$25) and as long as you dont have a super thin ultrabook they are really easy to change out.

Can you give me your router model and laptop model.
Do you have other wireless devices connected to that network at that location??
If all devices struggle to maintain wifi connection in that room then the issue is with the connection, not the computer.

Also, what make/model is the wifi router?


Mar 4, 2016

Yes I have a mobile phone always connected with the same network as the laptop, but the connection problem only occurs with the laptop, I have no problems with my mobile phone.
The router shouldn't matter that much right, because it happens with all networks and not just with one specific network.
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