Laptop Repairs - Where to go?


Ok. Here's the main issue. I have a $50 budget for repairs.

I have my laptop; a Dell Inspiron 6400 non-functional with Windows XP loaded. The flash codes I'm receiving tell me the system is suffering from Memory issues.

Some history; I used to have 4GB (2x2GB SO-DIMMS) installed and one of the RAM slots failed. I tested both memory modules in the top slot and both failed. I then tested both memory modules in the lower slot and both passed.

This tells me rather than a memory issue, the RAM slot of the motherboard failed. With only one RAM module installed in the functioning RAM slot, the system worked fine for another year plus, until I started getting RAM Failure flash codes again.

This time, neither RAM module worked in either RAM slot, so I assume that the RAM is fine, but the motherboard has failed.

Now, I have another laptop (actually, it's my brother's secondary laptop). It's an E-Machines E527. My brother believes it works, but the battery has been depleted and he doesn't have the charger. I would note this system runs Windows 7 and has 2GB (2x1GB SO-DIMMs) installed.

Now I've already purchased a replacement charger from Amazon and having received it today, it does not appear to be working. I don't know if the charger is faulty/incompatible or if there is a larger issue with the laptop battery or the laptop itself.

So I have a couple of options:

Option 1 - Purchase a new motherboard for my old Dell system ~$40
a) 90% certain this is the issue that can be resolved
b) The data and OS on the hard drive can be restored.
c) Even given it's age, this does appear to be the stronger system (Core Duo vs Celeron)

a) This system still runs Windows XP and there are no Windows 7 Drivers (Vista drivers may exist and work).
b) I am versatile with working on desktop systems. I have never done anything like this with a laptop. Yes, there are videos and yes, there was a time I said the exact same thing with a desktop motherboard replacement.
c) I don't know if the motherboard replacement includes the CPU replacement which, if it doesn't, may put this outside my budget.

Option 2 - Attempt to repair my brother's system. - ~$25
a) It's a newer system running Windows 7
b) It still receives updates which are strongly recommended for the system's intended usage (financials and other secure Internet usage).

a) It is a lesser system, but it doesn't need to be all that much.
b) 10% sure a battery replacement will resolve the issue.

So, Where would you go?

-Wolf sends


Feb 19, 2015
First, You can try to repair your older system if it comes with in your 50$ budget.
because you can retrieve your OS and data also you are more familiar your own laptop usage.

If your repair cost out of your budget,
Then you can repair & use your brother's laptop.

But E-Machines E527 has not only battery problem also has some other problems, if its repair costs comes closer to Dell Inspiron 6400. then finally its good to repair your own laptop.
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