Laptop/Roku TV HDMI Connection

Apr 5, 2019
Hi, all! I have a Razer 15" laptop that I have connected to my Roku TV, and about a week ago, it stopped working correctly (either showing a black screen, or just showing my wallpaper and not what's actually active on my laptop). I tried unplugging/replugging in, and also shutting down both the TV and the laptop, but still having the same issue. Can you help me figure this out? Thanks!


If you want to have both laptop screen and the second screen showing the same thing, set that in the video options to duplicate the display. When it shows you wallpaper but not the main monitor items, that means it's in extended mode. Look up how dual monitors work in Windows for options. It's not really an issue, just a configuration option, all you need to do is drag whatever window you want on the second screen to that screen.
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