Laptop running games slowly


Feb 8, 2014
Hi all ! Not sure where to post this so maybe someone can redirect me..

I've recently bought a new Laptop ( .. But it has 12GB DDR3 memory instead of 16) and it was running quite well.

Recently, when playing games such as WoW or Elder Scrolls Online, I have experienced drastic FPS drops. I was able to play WoW on Ultra settings with about 50fps without dropping, but now I play on 30-40fps and every few minutes it'll drop to 5fps for a few seconds.

I have enabled these games on the Nvidia control panel to use the High-End graphics card setting.

I was wondering if anybody here could help me ? Not sure what the problem is and it's pretty annoying and I believe I have bought a laptop capable of playing these games at high settings.

I can post the DxDiag of my computer if needed.



Oct 15, 2013
It's not strong enough t handle 900p at high settings, I recommend either lowering your settings especially AA or lowering your resolution to like 720p


Feb 8, 2014

Thanks for your quick reply.

As of the moment I am playing on 'Good' settings on WoW with 30-40fps with the frequent 5fps drops, and when I change it to 'Ultra' I still get the same FPS.

Is this a problem ? Or should I just reduce the graphics even more ?


The more you reduce, the more frames you'll get. Lowering things like object fade, and turning off anti aliasing help. You could double check your processes to see if something is running in the background as well.
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