Laptop running on battery power, not recognizing AC adapter following liquid spill.


Nov 15, 2017
Hey everyone, I am an owner of an MSI GT-73 and I was hoping I could get some insight from the community here as i'm having a major issue with the computer....

So about 2 months ago I spilled some iced tea on my laptop computer just above the keyboard. I cleaned it up quickly but after all it was a significant amount of liquid. A few days later I noticed that the AC power would switch back and forth with the battery until eventually it would only run on battery.

I took it in to get looked at and they (temporarily) fixed it by cleaning up the inside of the computer of visual water damage. I have actually taken the computer in twice for the same issue and both times the issue appears to be resolved, but then a day or two later it goes right back into battery mode. The strange thing about all this is I can almost always temporarily fix this issue by opening up the comp, removing the battery, letting it sit for a few minutes, and plugging it back in, but then it only works for a matter of minutes, or if i'm lucky, a few hours.

At this point I have run out of ideas of how to permanently fix this issue and I fear that it's most likely a corrupted MOBO but i'm not sure. Does anyone have any insight into this issue?

Thanks guys.