Laptop screen black on startup

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Apr 15, 2015
Hi all, thank you for taking the time to read this,

Any help would be much appreciated as I've been having a problem that's affecting my work at university as the screen won't turn on sometimes on startup.
It works on an external monitor whilst it is black so it is not the graphics card and it isn't the backlight or screen because it's currently working now for me to type this, though these could be more on the way out?
This problem often corrects itself after repeatedly putting the laptop lid down to 'sleep' or shutting down the laptop entirely and turning it back on. Sometimes i have to go around unplugging absolutely everything (mouse, power cord etc.) and powering back on. Could this be a hardware issue?
seems to me that it could be to do with having a second monitor for work purposes because it often powers back on fine when connected, however sometimes when nothing has changed the same problem occurs.
I have also tried, after connecting the black screen laptop to a monitor, changing the display settings from extend to pc screen only and unplugging monitor to no avail.
I also may have some possibly connected problems? sometimes when browsing a web page or having multiple tabs and programs open, a pixellation occurs much like seeing stars when you stand up too fast? This can take between 1 minute and 10 to stop. Also when the laptop does start up, it's almost as if the desktop background has been shifted up and there is a black space where it is missing. This takes a few seconds to correct itself.
The last thing I have noticed is sometimes theres a single short high pitched beep unlike any I've heard a motherboard produce before, which sounds a lot like some older TV's being powered off in a power cut if anybody has ever experienced it. These may be related?
I'm no stranger to computer components too as I have built desktops in the past and replaced dead components in case you suggest something technical to help.
The laptop is relatively new, got it January this year. It is a HP Pavilion, not sure product code but it is an I5 4288u processor. Sorry this is a long post. Thank you in advance
Not open for further replies.